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Welcome to Our Cybersecurity Magazine Portal!

Our Gemini IBD® Cyberseurity Infographic Newsletters include the following titles:

“Debunking The Myths of Biometrics”

“The Security Threats Posed By Passwords”

“Old Versus New: A Look At The Biometric Passport”

“Mobile Phone Security”

“What Is Phishing And How To Avoid It”

Welcome to our brand new Cybersecurity magazine portal.  It is still in the evolving stages, and it will continue to be refined and grow over time.  True, there are many other magazine portals out there, so you are probably wondering what makes this one so different.

The primary difference is that we don’t have all of the fancy stuff that the other Cybersecurity magazines use.  We intend to keep it simple and straight forward so that you can access the content that you want to see quickly.  Through this site, you can get access to our blog, podcasting, and Cybersecurity newsletter sites, as well as relevant content from other sites as well.

Another difference is that we have just launched a revolutionary newsletter called the “Gemini IBD ® Cybersecurity Infographics Newsletter”.  You can see further information on our newsletter by clicking on the link above. 

Infographics are a powerful tool in which content is associated in a meaningful way with the appropriate visual cues so that you can quickly absorb what you read the first time.  You can see more details on what Infographics are by clicking on the link below.

We are also looking for writers that would like to contribute and post their content to this magazine portal as well.  This could be in the form of whitepapers, blogs, articles, podcasts, or videos.  If you are interested in contributing, please contact Ravi Das at:  ravi.das@cybersecurityinc.online

Over time, we are also planning to deploy an advertising model onto this magazine portal, and also to make into a Cybersecurity Social Media Site as well.

Keep visiting us, and look for the exciting additions that are coming here soon!!!

Understanding the Power of Infographics