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A Gold medalist in Master of Technology, Sayed Mohammad Ahmad has more than 16 years of experience in industry and research plus a degree in business. Having served at Senior Positions in several companies in the field of Engineering and Technology and as consultant to multinational companies, govt departments & research organizations, Ahmad has extensive experience in the field of machine learning, system integration, smart cities, information security, health informatics, natural language processing, financial technologies and intelligent transportation systems. One of his latest completed assignments is a prestigious project of national significance having an impact on millions of lives.

Ahmad has been part of different teams that have developed various products based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). He was recruited by King Saud University as a researcher under the “Attracting Unit for Distinguished Scientists and Staff” program and served as Solution/Technical Architect. He is also a reviewer of Intelligent Transport System of IEEE with several research papers published and presented in international conferences in different domains.

For his contribution to the field of Engineering and Technology, Ahmad has received several accolades internationally as well as from former Hon’ble Prime Minister(s) of India and Hon’ble Minister of IT and Communications.