Cyber Threats

APT (Advanced Persistent Threat)

APT banner

What is APT Even though an increasing number of organizations are taking preventative measures against cybercrime, many individuals still need to be aware of these precautions’ importance. Furthermore, some people think that they only need to protect themselves from viruses and worms when, in reality, hacktivists present a much more significant …

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GTA Group Publishes Findings on Hermit Malware


Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has recently published findings on highly sophisticated spyware known as Hermit. RCS Laboratories, an Italian spyware vendor, distributed the malware with the help of several Internet Service Providers (ISPs), primarily targeting iOS and Android smartphones in Kazakhstan and Italy. What is Hermit Malware? Hermit Malware …

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How Data Landlords Put Their Tenants at Risk?


As businesses move their operations to the cloud, they are placing an increasing amount of trust in third-party providers. It is now more critical than ever for these companies to be aware of the risks associated with data landlords, who put their tenants at risk by not properly securing their …

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The Ultimate Guide to Network Pentesting


A pentest, or penetration test, is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system that looks for security weaknesses. Network pentesting tests networks’ security and the devices connected to them for vulnerabilities. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about network pentesting: what it is, how …

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