Cyber Attacks

Ransomware: What it is And How To Protect Yourself


Ransomware is a type of malicious software or malware that virtually holds your data hostage, locking up your computer and threatening to keep it locked until you pay the attacker’s ransom. The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) reports that in 2021, ransomware attacks accounted for 21% of all cyberattacks and …

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How to Protect Your Business From Email Phishing Attacks

Email phishing attacks image

Cybercrime is now one of the many concerns business faces daily. Technology has been the mainstay of development for many companies; however, as the digital aspect becomes more essential for businesses operation and daily activities, such does the growth of attacks in this environment. One of the most common means …

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Remote Attack

What is a Remote Attack

What is a Remote Attack? When a thief robs a house for material items, they risk leaving DNA evidence or fingerprints that could lead to their arrest. However, hackers who commit cyber crimes can do so without ever being in the same vicinity as their victim and therefore are much …

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GTA Group Publishes Findings on Hermit Malware


Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has recently published findings on highly sophisticated spyware known as Hermit. RCS Laboratories, an Italian spyware vendor, distributed the malware with the help of several Internet Service Providers (ISPs), primarily targeting iOS and Android smartphones in Kazakhstan and Italy. What is Hermit Malware? Hermit Malware …

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