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Important Security Update: Atlassian Patches Critical Vulnerabilities inMultiple Products

December 23, 2023 • César Daniel Barreto

Atlassian, a company known for making tools for team collaboration and software development, has recently
issued important security warnings for several of its products. These warnings are about weaknesses in the
software that could let bad people break into the systems that use these products.
Here are the main points:

  1. Confluence Data Center and Server Issue (CVE-2023-22522): There’s a serious problem in versions 7.14.1 to 7.19.4 of
    Confluence Data Center and Server that could allow hackers to control these systems from afar. Atlassian has fixed this with a
    new update, and they strongly suggest that everyone using these versions should update their software immediately.
  2. Atlassian Companion App for macOS Problem (CVE-2023-22524): A similar issue has been found in the Atlassian
    Companion App for macOS, versions 7.14.0 to 7.20.0. Again, there’s a patch available, and users should update their app to the
    newest version as soon as they can.
  3. Assets Discovery Vulnerability (CE-2023-22523): This affects versions 12.11.0 to 12.21.1 of Assets Discovery. Like the
    others, this problem could let hackers remotely control the system, and Atlassian has released a patch to fix it. Users are
    encouraged to upgrade to the latest version.
  4. SnakeYAML Library Issue (CVE-2022-1471): This is a broader problem affecting many Atlassian products, including various
    versions of Confluence, Bitbucket, JIRA, and Bamboo. Patches are available for all affected products, and users should not delay
    in updating their systems.

What Can You Do?

Besides installing these updates, it’s wise to regularly check Atlassian’s security
announcements for new updates. Strengthening password policies and keeping a close eye on system
activities can also help. Always have a backup of important data, just in case something goes wrong.
Bottom Line Atlassian is serious about keeping its products safe. By staying informed and following these
safety tips, users and system administrators can better protect themselves from these security issues.
Helpful Resources

  • Atlassian’s own security advisories and bulletins: Atlassian Security Advisories
  • For more detailed information on these specific vulnerabilities, you can visit the CISA (Cybersecurity. &
    Infrastructure Security Agency) website. They have advisories for each of these issues (CVE-2023-22522,
    CVE-2023-22524, CVE-2023-22523, CVE-2022-1471).
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