understanding access control systems

access control systems

The ultimate objective of any security system is to provide individuals and organizations with a sense of safety. When a group has complete control over its assets and can utilize them without restriction, this utopia comes into being. People can enjoy genuine peace of mind when they do not have …

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SQL Injection 101: What is SQLi and How to Prevent Attacks

sql injection

What is SQL injection SQL injection (SQLi) is a type of attack that allows criminals to execute malicious SQL statements against vulnerable web applications. Attackers can access sensitive data, such as customer information, personal data, trade secrets, and more by bypassing application security measures. Here we will discuss SQL injection, …

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Four Cyber Protection Conditions Establish Protection Priority Focus

Four Cyber Protection Conditions Establish Protection Priority Focus Organizations use four cyber protection conditions to establish a protection priority focus. The first condition is compliance, which focuses on ensuring an organization meets all regulatory requirements. The second condition, known as the business-continuity condition, focuses on providing critical business functions that …

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The relationship between website security and SEO


In the digital age we currently live in, nearly every business needs an online platform – aka a website – to reach more customers. However, as web hacking and cybercrime have risen over the years, so has concern for website security amongst businesses, large and small. In fact, 43% of …

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Why You Should Never Use a Free VPN


The internet is a vast and wonderful place, but it can also be dangerous. Hackers are always looking for new ways to steal your data, and businesses are at risk of cyber attacks. That’s why using a VPN is essential when you’re online. A VPN will encrypt your data and …

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How Data Landlords Put Their Tenants at Risk?


As businesses move their operations to the cloud, they are placing an increasing amount of trust in third-party providers. It is now more critical than ever for these companies to be aware of the risks associated with data landlords, who put their tenants at risk by not properly securing their …

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The Ultimate Guide to Network Pentesting


A pentest, or penetration test, is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system that looks for security weaknesses. Network pentesting tests networks’ security and the devices connected to them for vulnerabilities. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about network pentesting: what it is, how …

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5 Reasons You Should Learn About Cyber Security

5 Reasons You Should Learn About Cyber Security: How to Keep Your Data Safe

You might be wondering why you should learn about cyber security. After all, it’s not like you’re a hacker or anything. Cyber security is more than just knowing how to hack into a computer. It’s about understanding the risks of using technology and protecting yourself and your data. In this …

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