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What is Smart DNS and How Does it Work?

November 14, 2022 • César Daniel Barreto

DNS, or Domain Name Resolution, functions as an internet-based phone book that lists every website. A server that hosts webpages has an IP address, which is used to identify it. The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to convert domain names into IP addresses. Through your IP address, a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Pandora is able to know your location. This is where the term Smart DNS comes in.

Smart DNS takes one step further by allowing users to bypass geographic restrictions on websites and streaming services. When you use a Smart DNS service, your IP address will be hidden by being rerouted through the provider’s infrastructure. Smart DNS allows internet users to access geo-restricted sites by changing their DNS server and making it appear as though they are located in different or multiple countries. By using a Smart DNS, you can unblock a streaming or catch-up service on your TV from any country while surfing the web from anywhere else in the world, all right from your laptop computer.

What are the benefits of using a Smart DNS?

We have all been in the situation of wanting to access content that is restricted in our specific location.  A Smart DNS allows you to access those series or movies unavailable in your country. In addition, Smart DNS services can save you money on streaming your favorite networks, provides a faster speed ideal for gaming or watching 4K content, and its also an excellent option when your device doesn’t support a VPN, which is very common on Smart TVs.

Lastly, Smart DNS is useful for connecting multiple devices to different regions simultaneously.

Tips for choosing the best Smart DNS service

There are some important aspects that a Smart DNS service must provide:

  • Free Trial: Some DNS providers offer free trials for up to 14 days. In these cases, you won’t need to give your credit card information, and you will be able to try the service before making a purchase decision.
  • The number of channels supported: Another aspect you need to consider when choosing a DNS service is what and how many channels are supported. This will help you determine if the service is exemplary for your needs.
  • VPN/Smart VPN supported:  A premium Smart DNS usually bundles with VPN support. A VPN service can be a good option if you want to access more restricted channels.
  • Customer service: Good customer service will offer attention 24/7 and a live chat option. This support can be very helpful when you have technical problems with the service or need to troubleshoot a particular issue.
  • Ease of installation and use:  Look for DNS providers offering clear installation instructions and a simple user interface. This will make your streaming experience more seamless and hassle-free.
  • Guarantee: The best DNS services offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This will ensure you get the most out of your online experience while protecting your investment.
  • Price of the service:  Last but not least, consider the overall price of the Smart DNS service. Premium services typically offer a range of prices depending on your needs and requirements. Ultimately, what is most important is that you get the channels and features you need at an affordable cost to enjoy all your favorite shows and movies without restrictions.

How to watch your favorite shows with a Smart DNS

After you choose the DNS service that best suits your needs, you need to start the free trial.

Surely, the company has provided you with a guide to set up the DNS. It usually won’t take you more than 10 minutes, and you won’t be required to have any technical skills or training.

Once you have completed the set-up, you will need to load up your favorite Apps or streaming services into your Smart TV.

Make sure to comprehend how your Smart TV operates because the process will vary depending on the operating system your Smart TV utilizes. Some use the Google play store, where you can select which app you want. However, the latest Samsung Smart TV models use their own in-house O.S Tizen, which means that the only apps available will be from the country of purchase. So if you want to change your region on one of these TVs, you’ll need to do a little bit more than go into your settings app.


Here is a guide to setting up the region and installing apps on your Smart TV.

Samsung Smart TV guide

  1. Press the Smart Hub button on your remote control.
  2. Select Settings, General, Set up or Reset, depending on your tv model. once you have selected this option, your tv will be restored to factory settings.
  3. When you ask to enter the PIN code, write 0000 unless you have manually changed it before. It’s essential in this step to don’t use the Smarthings app.
  4. Choose your language.
  5. Follow the guide to set up until you reach the terms and conditions section.
  6. Here, you need to enter the factory shortcuts to access a sub-menu.
  7. If you have a traditional remote control, follow Mute > Volume up > Channel up > Mute. If you have a Samsung one remote, follow: VOL> VOL up > Channel up > VOL
  8. Choose the country of your preference from the list of countries, or select full apps.

LG Smart TV guide

  1. Go to settings and select options.
  2. Then choose Smart Tv Settings
  3. Find the option “Change country premium and LG Smart World” and select the Manual option.
  4. The list of countries will vary, but by selecting countries like USA, Canada, UK, Norway or Denmark, you will have access to the major apps.
  5. After selecting the country, click on close.
  6. Open the app on your TV.

Sony Smart TV Guide

  1. Set up your Sony TV to the smart DNS from your chosen provider.
  2. Press the Home button on your remote.
  3. Go to settings and select Network.
  4. Choose the option to refresh internet content.
  5. You will be able to search the apps on your TV.
  6. Press home again.
  7. Go to your Internet Content, and you will see the apps installed. (Remember to choose the apps from US or UK).


You don’t have to change the region in a Sony Smart TV. This TV comes pre-loaded with apps and channels from each region. However, the best Sony TV regions are the US and the UK.

Hisense Smart TV guide

  1. The first step is to set up your Hisense TV to the Smart DNS from your chosen provider.
  2. Then, open Settings and select System.
  3. Go to Location and pick the country you want to turn your Smart TV region to.

Philips Smart TV Guide

  1. On your Smart TV, open the Google Play Store.
  2. Download your chosen Smart DNS provider’s APP.
  3. Log into your account and connect to the service.
  1. Go to the Net TV Home page, and find the Country area option.
  2. Finally, select the country of your choice.


Even though the process in a Philips Smart TV is straightforward when you pay for your streaming service, you agree to a license that only allows you to access some of the TV shows and movies according to your region. With a Smart DNS installed, you can view all the content from other regions.

Toshiba Smart TV Guide

  1. Open the settings on your Smart TV.
  2. Go to network and click on the setup option.
  3. After this, select advanced network setup.
  4. Click on DNS setup.
  5. Turn off the Auto Setup option.
  6. Enter your chosen provider’s DNS servers into primary and secondary DNS.
  7. Exit the menu and restart your TV.

Sharp Smart TV Guide

  1. Select the menu and go to the initial set-up
  2. Choose the Internet Setup option.
  3. Now, choose the Network Setup option.
  4. And then select IP Setup, and click change.
  5. Set the Obtain IP Automatically to Yes, and press Next.
  6. Set Obtain DNS Automatically to No, Enter the settings given to you by your DNS provider.
  7. Press Next, and then Finish.
  8. Open the Menu and pick the initial set-up.
  9. Choose EZ set up, and select the Location and Time of your preference.


Sharp Smart TV is an Android operating system TV that offers users a wide variety of content. Just upload the apps of your choice into your TV hub and enjoy your favourite shows.

In a nutshell

To sum up, choosing the right Smart TV is an important step in setting up your home entertainment system. Whether you choose a Sony, Philips, Toshiba, Sharp, or LG Smart TV, you need to ensure that it is compatible with your chosen Smart DNS provider. This allows you to access content from different regions and enjoy a wide range of movies, shows, live sports events, and more. To get started with your new Smart TV today, select the region that offers the best content for your needs and set up your service accordingly.


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